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The Q-soft Denovo is the first court recording system developed in Africa. After court sittings, Judges now have Audio, Video & transcript of proceedings thereby increasing their output. In addition, this system connects the courts to the correctional centers remotely thereby reducing unnecessary adjournments leading to prison decongestion. Q-soft Denovo is aimed at doubling the number of cases a Judge can hear daily thereby enhancing access to justice.

Who benefits from Q-Soft Denovo

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Video Recording

The Q-soft Denovo records video of the proceedings in court room affording the Judge to play back proceedings after sitting enabling the Judge the opportunity to listen to the witnesses, counsels or cross- examination


The Q-soft Denovo can make annotations during court sessions providing subsequent viewers with any necessary information about the particular courtroom interaction during a session. These annotations have searchable descriptions associated with them. These allow users to easily jump right to that point in the video without necessarily having to watch the proceedings from the beginning to the end.


The Q-soft denovo is a unique system that has the feature of producing transcript in real time by converting speech to text with amazing accuracy. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered for accuracy coupled with our experienced editing team to provide quick transcription services.

Video Conferencing

There is no doubt the recent outbreak of COVID -19 pandemic necessitated the move by courts all over the world to adopt virtual court hearing, having regard to the lockdown of public gatherings. Q-connect connects the court remotely to correctional facility including remote witness to the courtroom.

How does Q-Soft Denovo benefit Judges?

  1. The Q-soft Denovo assist the Judge during the writing of Judgment as key aspect of the proceedings can be recalled with a click of the button. Qsoft denovo

  2. Judges listen and observe the conduct of the witnesses while the system records both audio & video.

  3. Lawyers and witnesses can speak at usual conversation pace without the worry of whether or not the judge has captured their testimony verbatim.

How does Q-Soft Denovo benefit Litigants?

  1. With Q-soft Denovo, the process is fully automated and only takes a few minutes to retrieve.

  2. Eliminates discrepancies as video evidence is now available for playback.

  3. A witness can now be taken remotely from any part of the world thereby reducing unnecessary adjournments.

  4. Eliminate Judges starting trials afresh since all the previous proceedings can be watched in video by the new Judge.

How does Q-soft Denovo benefit Lawyers?

  1. They can now conclude cases faster increasing their efficiency.

  2. They can now get their records to appeal a Judgment timely.

How does Q-soft Denovo benefit Prisons?

  1. QSD connects the courts to the prisons remotely meaning that the daily, physical commute of inmates is no longer required.

  2. QSD is a powerful tool for prison decongestion. Because more cases can be heard on a daily basis, system-wide deployment of QSD would impact access to justice by freeing up the Courts’ case lists and providing the opportunity for more awaiting trial inmates to commence and conclude their cases.

  3. The Q-soft Denovo can link the Courts with existing Prisons Information systems & Case Management system.

How does Q-soft Denovo benefit Society?

  1. With quick dispensation of justice, confidence in our justice system is increased.

  2. With confidence in the judiciary, more investors can come in thereby creating employment.

  3. With QSD both Human right and constitutional rights can be guaranteed.

  4. With QSD, cases can be dispensed faster and prisons can be decongested.

What makes Q-Soft Denovo different?

This solution is 100% proudly Nigerian, cost-effective, quick support & maintenance. Initial foreign systems deployed failed due to high cost, technical support & maintenance. The system is also user friendly and the peculiarities of the African court were taken into consideration during development.

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31 May, 2023.

Members of US Congress visit and inspect Q-Soft Denovo system installed at one of the Courts in the FCT.

12 May, 2023.

Presidential Tribunal deploys technology for audio, video, transcription of proceedings

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09 Mar, 2023.

U.S. Mission Nigeria partner with Partners Global, Partners Nigeria and FCT judiciary to install Q-Soft Denovo software and equipment.

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05 Mar, 2023.

FCT Gets First Court Recording System To Boost Efficiency

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27 Aug, 2022.

Speedy Justice: Federal Govt Launches Database For Suspected Criminals

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26 Jul, 2021.

FG unveils new technology for court reporting

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8th Sept, 2023.

Receiving the United States Deputy Secretary of State on inspection to one of our project

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24 Jul, 2021.

Vice President Osinbajo To Launch Africa’s First Court Recording System

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20th May, 2024.

Using the Q-soft Denovo, a judge in the High Court of the FCT delivered over 58 judgments in Q1 alone

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